Sorry excuse for a person kicks around hostel cat while filming it on his mobile

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A hostel boss appealed for support determining a gentleman caught on CCTV seemingly kicking the resident cat. The footage seems to present the gentleman method the cat at Hatters Hostel, in Mount Pleasant, Liverpool metropolis centre, and kick it, while filming the vile attack on his cellular phone. Paul Mercer, basic manager at the hostel, stated: “After this he would seem really cautious about individuals but ahead of he would have no troubles coming up to people and sitting down on their lap. He’s a very friendly cat.” “He’s our resident cat. Thankfully he’s good following the incident - just a little bit traumatised. He’s been here a long time. We feed him and the visitors feed him, he’s element of the furnishings. The people adore him, they like to see him strolling about. He has his own small home out the back that we have created for him." Paul explained the male was not being at the hostel but as an alternative walked in from the road late previous Saturday evening.
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